Mexico travel insurance

Travel Insurance Mexico

Travel insurance and why you need it in Mexico

Mexico travel insurance

I never buy travel insurance, it’s a waste of money, nothing ever happens when I’m on vacation.

Right..until something DOES happen! You have car insurance, medical and homeowners insurance at home don’t you? The main reason I always buy travel insurance is for the medical coverage. On most policies there’s also a “cancel for any reason” option you can add, it’s  a little more money, but if you have an emergency at home and can’t make your trip, you can be covered for the pricey hotel and flights you’ve already paid for. It’s also a very good idea to have travel insurance during hurricane season. Do some research to find out what is all covered if you choose this option. Many policies also cover your children traveling with you at no extra charge depending on their age.

Travel insurance is actually a small price to pay when you consider the alternative. If you are injured or become ill while on vacation in Mexico you are required to pay the doctor and hospital for services. In the United States we’re used to handing our medical insurance card to the doctor or hospital and then getting the bill later, that’s not how it works in Mexico. I do not know of any company that covers costs in Mexico, you will still be required to pay up front and be reimbursed later.

So what happens?

You need to pay the bill either in cash or credit card to receive services, we carry a high limit credit card with us just for this reason. If you knew Perry you’d know why! 🙂  If you have purchased travel insurance, as we recommend, make sure to have copies of all medical bills from the doctor and or hospital, also keep any receipts from the pharmacy if you require medication. You will need this information to file a claim with your travel insurance provider.

Medical evacuation insurance

I “highly” recommend that you purchase medical evacuation insurance to get you back to the U.S. if necessary.

Where to get travel insurance

We always buy travel insurance through Insure My Trip, they over twenty different high rated carriers to choose from. Go to their website and enter your trip information and a list of insurance companies will come up, along the left side of the page will be a list of different coverages you would like and that will narrow down choices.   Click on a few you’d like to compare and you will get a side by side comparison of coverages. There is also a link to click on reviews by people who have purchased through each company. The site also shows the Better Business Bureau rating for each company.

Insure My Trip

Click here for an insurance quote with insure my trip

Hopefully you won’t need to use your insurance, but for peace of mind it’s worth it in our opinion.

Tips on health & safety on your Isla Mujeres vacation

Feel free to share your travel insurance experiences in the comment box below!

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