Dialing in Mexico Telephone tips

Telephone tips!

Dialing in Mexico Telephone tips

Using your phone on Isla Mujeres

If you have a smart phone, and just about everyone does these days, check with your provider to see if they have an International or a Mexico plan that allows you calls and data for free, or at a lower rate; having a “surprise” phone bill when you get home is no fun, believe me! Below are examples calling in Mexico from your US or Canada cell phone.

One of the great things these days is that so many places including your hotel will have Wifi, so you can message free from iphone to iphone or use facebook to stay in touch with friends and family back home. You can also skype for free if you are calling someone else with skype. I find that with the new phones facetime is easier.

Another free app you might be interested in downloading is Whatsapp, you can message for free with Wifi This is what many locals use and available for Android & iphone Whatsapp

Let’s get to dialing phone numbers

This is the part where there is the most confusion.

Calling a Mexico landline phone number:
Dial 011-52, the area code, Isla Mujeres’ area code is 998, and then the 7 digit phone number, example 011-52-998-877-0568,

Calling a Mexico cell number from your cell phone:
Dial 1-52 then the number
example 1-52-998-877-0568

Calling a US or Canadian number from Mexico:
Dial 001 then the whole 10 digit number
example 001-515-222-3344

Calling a toll free number from Mexico:
Knowing how to dial toll free is pretty important in case you need to call your airline, bank, or credit card company.
If you’re calling any of these, it’s usually pretty important!
Dial 001 then dial the substitute as shown and then the rest of the number.
800 substitute is 880
888 substitute is 881
877 substitute is 882
866 substitute is 883
855 substitute is 884
844 substitute is 885
example the 800 number you want to call is 800-777-1234,
you would dial 001-880-77-1234

Update! Check out this article on the new dialing in Mexico to begin August 3, 2019

MapChick tips:

  • Save important telephone numbers in your phone before you travel.
    Bank, credit card company, airline, local doctor number, your hotel’s number, emergency contact at home.
  • Snap a photo of the inside information page of your passport.
  • If you have an iphone turn on “find my iphone” and know how to use it.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen contact the Isla Mujeres tourism office: 011-52-998-877- 0307. Location, on Medina to the north of the Señor Frog store.
Update! Changes to dialing beginning August 3, 2019

Phone dialing changes coming August 3: no more pesky prefixes

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