Sea Lice

What is sea lice?

Ewwwww, this sounds nasty! Sea lice referred to “agua mala” (bad water) in Mexico are invisible jellyfish larvae that can cause a rash and itching. It’s mostly a problem in the springtime, with May being the peak season. As you swim, they get caught between your skin and swimwear. Most people react with an itching sensation and a slight rash, but others can get a severe rash.

How to protect yourself

  • Rinse thoroughly after swimming (including your swimwear). If you scrub, you’ll irritate the remaining larvae and get a few more stings. Note: even rinsing can leave a few of these critters behind to cause trouble the next time you wear your suit, let it dry completely before  wearing again.
  • We highly recommend a product called Safe Sea. Applied like sunscreen, it helps protect you from several types of jellyfish stings.
  • We’ve also heard of people carrying a spray bottle filled with vinegar. After being in the water, spray your swimsuit and skin, then rinse off. The acids are supposed to eliminate the sting and kill off any remaining jellyfish.
  • If you do get the rash, don’t suffer! Go to the nearest pharmacy, they’ve seen it before and will give you some cream to make it better faster!

Thimble jellyfish can be found throughout the summer months.

Their sting is barely noticeable on your body, (unless you have sensitive skin), but when they touch your lips, you’ll definitely feel it, trust me! The only good thing about thimble jellyfish is that you can see them; they stay near the surface and sometimes travel in such large numbers that they cloud the water.

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