How much to tip in pesos

Isla Mujeres guide to tipping

Guide to tipping on Isla MujeresHow much to tip in pesos

To tip for services is a voluntary custom, and not a required payment. We always tip for good service everywhere we go, at home or in Mexico. One thing to remember is, some of these people work only for tips or for very little wages plus tips.
In this Isla Mujeres guide to tipping we’ll tell you who we tip and on average how much we tip. Generally, you should tip in pesos, but U.S. dollars are always accepted! Make sure there are no tears or writing on the bills. Also, the people you are tipping exchange the dollars for pesos and have to pay the cambio for the exchange. If you tip in dollars tip a little extra. No U.S. coins.

Who do we tip and how much?

How much to tip is always up to you, we use the 20% rule most of the time.

These are just some suggestions to get your started.

  • If we use a transfer service from the airport, we tip our driver, our average is 100 pesos, about $5us, more if he does extra luggage handling.
  • The transfer company greeter, (the guy with the sign with your name on it) I normally will tip him $1-$2.
  • The baggage handler at the ferry, about 20 pesos per bag or $1us.
  • A maletero (these are the guys at the ferry who will take your luggage on a bicycle cart to your hotel). We rarely use one, but we used to more often when we traveled with our small children, 100-200 pesos, $5-$10, depending on how far he has to go and how hot it is!
  • Anyone who carries your luggage to your hotel room. (could be the maletero, so give him extra!), 20 pesos a bag or $1us per bag.
  • Bartender, 20 pesos or $1us per drink.
  • Waiter/server, 15-20% of the total bill.
  • Hotel maid, for the 2 of us in a hotel room I generally will leave 50 pesos per day, more, if more people or in a condo or house.
  • Taxi drivers, if they do more than just drive. Often times we get a very nice and helpful driver who answers questions, waits for us while we go in a store, etc., about 50 pesos.
  • Tour guide, 10-20% of the tour cost.
  • The people who sack your groceries at the store, mostly whatever spare change I have.
  • Massuese, 15-20%.
  • Bathroom attendant, 10-20 pesos, they will often have a tip jar.


MapChick’s tips:

  • Make sure the tip has not already been added to your restaurant bill. This is actually illegal but they sometimes will do it.  Normally they would add 10-15%. It’s up to you how you handle it. I always point it out to the server and don’t leave any more of a tip. Some people prefer not to make an issue and either add more to get to 20% or just leave no more without commenting. The main thing is, you do not want to accidentally double tip, which is what some are hoping you will do!
  • Tip in pesos.

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