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health & safety Isla Mujeres

Health & Safety on Isla Mujeres

I had some kind of health issue  on a research trip a few years ago. We had been going strong updating maps for 3 weeks and went to spend our last week on Isla Mujeres, looking for some fun and relaxation. On the ferry ride over I wasn’t feeling quite right; by evening I was so sick! I tried Gatorade and rest but it wasn’t helping. Perry put me in a taxi to the hospital, even though the hospital in centro at  the time was only a couple blocks away.  Perry told them my symptoms, and I was immediately administered an IV, then another, then another, I’m not sure what was in those, but I walked out of there after 3 hours feeling pretty darn good! The lesson here: first, always drink plenty of water and get your rest, (even on vacation) and if you are so sick you don’t know where you are, can’t keep anything down, not even water, have fever and chills, get yourself to a doctor! Isla Mujeres has two English speaking doctors who will make house calls.

Recommended English speaking doctors on Isla Mujeres

Dr. Antonio Salas
Located on Abasolo between Hidalgo & Guerrero
Location is shown on the Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide.
Emergency: 011-52-998-845-4924

Dr. Greta Shorey
Office is located in La Gloria
Location is shown on the Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide.
Office: 011-52-998-888-0084
Emergency: 011-52-998-402-6874
The main hospital is located in La Gloria. For a serious illness or injury, I recommend going to Galenia hospital in Cancun if possible.

For non-emergency medical issues you can go to most pharmacies for medication, some medication requires a prescription. A doctor’s consult is available at the Similares Pharmacy on Juarez for a small fee. The last time I checked it was 40 pesos, (($2.00us) Exact location is on on the Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide

Read about sea lice and how to protect yourself here.

The Isla Mujeres Tourism office is available to help you with any problems you may encounter on your vacation. It may be a good idea to contact them to help you with any police matters, they will go with you and translate if you don’t speak Spanish and help you through the process.
Located on Medina just to the north of the Señor Frog store.
The phone number is 011-52-988-877-0307

For emergencies dial 911

Isla Mujeres is very safe, but you must use common sense like everywhere else, don’t leave valuables unattended, lock doors and close windows in your hotel or rental, stay in well lit, well traveled areas at night.

MapChick Tips:

  • Do not drink tap water and brush your teeth with bottled water.
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of bottled water.
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often.
  • Use mosquito repellent if you will be among foilage or near the lagoon, Dengue  &  Chikungunya is real!
  • Carry a small flashlight.
  • Put doctors and Tourism office phone numbers in your phone (see Telephone Tips)
  • We highly recommend travel insurance

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