Isla Mujeres map 2003

First Isla Mujeres map

Our very first map of Isla Mujeres!

(The first printed Isla map, the actual first was a free download, but you had to print and tape about 20 pieces of paper together!)

Who remembers Isla Mujeres in 2003? There were 43 restaurants! Anyone remember Arriba? The restaurant on the upper level, you basically climbed a glorified ladder to enter! We seriously drug our feet about printing this map, like everyone, we wanted Isla to be our own secret place to go and relax, but map fans insisted. Those were the days, right old friends? Remember Pachanga? This was the first fundraiser for Little Yellow School and I believe for Isla Animals, back when they were in the bookstore, Cosmic Cosas.  Look at little Shannon next to Gregorio in the front row! Finding this map brought back so many good memories.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because I’ve been doing alot of cleaning and decluttering this past summer, and I found about 1/2 a box of these 2003 maps, the first one we made of Isla Mujeres. I’m willing to part with these, of course keeping several for myself, because I can’t completely let our first born Isla map baby leave me 🙂 This map is full of pictures, (one I’m not to thrilled about now that I know better, but please accept our apologies of my kids holding starfish) You live and learn 🙁 There are a lot of pictures of  places you might find familiar, but look a little different now and a few that are no longer around, who remembers Casa Os? I loved that place, best lobster bisque I’ve ever tasted! I still haven’t found one that compares!

So here it is the vintage 2003 Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide.

You can buy it HERE  $10.00 and use coupon code shipfree for FREE First Class mail shipping.

Isla Mujeres map 2003


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