Perry & Laura (MapChick)


Isla Mujeres Travel guide
Hanging out by a tree on a windy day on Tulum beach!

We’re Perry & Laura McFarlin, we are the founders, creators and only employees at Can-Do Publishing, Inc; the makers of MapChick Maps & Travel Guides. we have been traveling the Yucatan peninsula since 1982. Our first map/travel guide of Cancun was published in 1997. The first Isla Mujeres map wasn’t printed until 2004, because we really wanted to keep Isla a place we go to vacation and not work! But, our fans kept asking for one, so we had to give it to them!

We live in Iowa, but travel to Mexico often working on updates for new maps every year.

People think we’re crazy when we tell them we might eat at 10 restaurants a day, but how do we know the best if we don’t try them all?! We also walk miles and miles every day,
(it’s a good thing we’re getting exercise!)

At home we enjoy bicycling, working on our house and yard and our three very spoiled cats, Milo, Cosmo & Lucy. We have two great kids  who have done a lot of traveling with us, but they’re grown up now and on to their next adventures in life!

We hope your enjoy our website and if you happen to purchase a map, that would be great too! Let us know what you think, we’re always trying to improve and appreciate any feedback!

Safe & happy travels!