Where to stay on Isla Mujeres

Find your perfect place in paradise

Choosing where to stay can be pretty daunting, especially if you don’t know the layout of the island. There are many hotels and rental properties to choose from.

The most popular area to be is near or on North Beach, you’re also very close to many restaurants and services. I usually recommend this part of the island, #1, because I’m a townie, and I like walking most places.  #2, (most people say this should be # 1), would be the close proximity to  beautiful North Beach. Who wouldn’t want to be within walking distance of white sand beach and beautiful blue Caribbean!

As you move south, the next area is the airport strip area, don’t worry, it’s a small airstrip without much traffic. In this area the island gets pretty narrow so you have places to stay on the bay, (Cancun side) or the ocean side. You could still walk into town from this part of the island. Not much swimmable beach.

The next area is the colonias, further from beach, but not that far, what’s special about this area? The highlight is that you will be staying in the neighborhoods where most Isleños live. Small tiendas, (little grocery shops), more local cuisine, taquerias, (taco shops) and fewer  tourists. You are inland in this area and not on the beach, but there are beach clubs not far, and a taxi ride to North Beach.

Let’s go towards the west from here, the Sac Bajo area, home of the turtle farm, the upscale hotel, Zoetry Villa Rolandi, some beautiful new condominium buildings and some rental homes. Not really many dining choices, so you may want to rent a golf cart for your stay or take taxis. There are swimmable beaches.

Heading down to the south point of the island you’ll  find beautiful vacation homes, again not many restaurants within walking distance, and no swimmable beach.

Finally, the east side of the island, the most beautiful views and and gorgeous vacation rental properties, not much swimmable beach, but beach clubs not far, a taxi ride away.

Our Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide will show you exact locations of most rentals.

Here is a list of many with their websites, click the link below

 Isla Mujeres vacation rentals

All hotels and most rental properties are shown on map 1B of our Isla Mujeres map & travel guide.


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